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Astral Projection has been a constantly visited topic in different forms of media, mainly because its premise presents a fascinating concept.

As fascinating as it is, a lot of people tend to dismiss Astral Projection as a fictional concept. Despite this, there are still many groups who believe in Astral Projection— some even to the point of regularly practicing it.

Before we dive deeper into the Astral Projection process, first, we must understand what it is at its core.

What is Astral Projection?

Simply put, Astral Projection is the ability to separate your spirit or “astral body” from your physical body. This skill allows you to explore the “astral realm” or “astral plane”.

There are many different opinions regarding this astral plane. Some people claim that this plane IS the real world, while others claim that it is an infinite world that exists only in our minds. Another group says that it’s a shared reality outside of our own world, with some adding that it’s a realm that souls go to before experiencing eternal rest.

The latter explanation may come from the many claims of patients experiencing out-of-body experience (OBE) when going through a near-death encounter.

While Astral Projection is an OBE, it differs from ones felt by near-death patients due to the fact that it is actively induced by the person who wants to experience the OBE.

Astral Projection vs. Lucid Dreaming

Some people tend to interchange the terms Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection due to the ability to see, hear, feel, and experience sensations and scenarios as though they are actually happening in real life, but these two concepts are actually very different from each other.

For instance, Lucid Dreaming occurs in a sleeping state, while Astral Projection occurs while the body is awake but in a meditative state.

Lucid Dreaming is a sort of “directed” dream where your awareness of the dream state allows you to have control over the course of the dream. While there is some semblance of control, however, the dream is still open to suggestions of your subconscious mind.

After all, you’re still asleep.

Astral Projections, on the other hand, differ from person to person, but it can be said that they are more of an exploratory experience, where your astral body leaves your physical body in order to travel to specific areas free of constraints.

Astral Projection in Science

From a scientific standpoint, it is safe to say that the experiences “feel real” to the person experiencing them. According to cognitive research, particularly focusing on OBEs, there are parts of the brain that are stimulated during astral projections.

Scientific evidence that supports the possibility of a detached consciousness, mind, or soul is yet to be found, however— but this doesn’t stop personal stories of OBEs from perpetuating.

Why do people want to learn Astral Projection?

There are many reasons why people tend to seek wisdom regarding the Astral Projection process— in fact; the reasons might as well be as infinite as the universes are within ourselves.

For some people, Astral Projection is a method to develop themselves further on a spiritual level. For others, Astral Projection is an escape or a break from the woes of real life. It’s also a great meditative exercise.

What are the dangers of Astral Projection?

Even though science is slowly uncovering the secrets behind Astral Projection, it’s still considered risky to try out, especially without reading up about it first.

Cognitive researchers and scientists warn of possibly harming oneself if done under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so make sure you’re in a safe environment and that you are in a good mental and emotional state before trying it out for the first time.

As with Lucid Dreaming, deaths cannot occur within a session of Astral Projection. Things may get scary, however, but it’s easier to control than Lucid Dreaming since Lucid Dreaming also enables the subconscious mind to chip in.

Some people also claim to end up “stuck” outside their physical bodies, but as with dreams, there is always a way out of Astral Projections, which will be covered in a later section.

What steps need to be taken to begin experiencing Astral Projection?

The usual steps to a successful projection may sound simple, but they require a lot of patience and practice. It’s alright not to get it at the first try. Just a tip: some guided videos online might be able to help push you to the ideal meditative state to perform an Astral Projection.

Steps to follow to Astral Project

  1. Make sure the room is quiet and that nothing will interrupt you while you attempt to astral project.
  2. Lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Let go of all worries and attachments for a while. Start with positive thoughts, but try to reduce any kind of thought trying to enter.
  3. If random thoughts still try to invade your meditative state despite trying hard to fend them off, counter them with the following: imagine that you’re filtering them into an earthen pot or vase. Once done, break the pot. Let them all go. Breathe.
  4. While meditating, visualize a protective circle of light forming around you. This is to visually protect your body and spirit, to help yourself step out of any residual fear that this process may be inducing— especially if it’s your first time.
  5. After this step, you might experience some vibrations. At this stage, it’s best not to panic— it’s a part of the process. Simply let the vibrations pass through you. No movements, no thoughts, just breathing.
  6. Imagine yourself leaving your body. Use one of the following three methods to successfully separate your astral body from your physical body:
    1. Lifting Out Method – Slowly jiggle your astral limbs using the existing vibrations for momentum. You will feel a wider separation between your two bodies as you go along until your astral body is completely free to roam wherever you want it to roam.
    2. Rolling Method – Similar to Lifting Out, except instead of “jiggling,” you are twisting your astral body with each vibration, all without moving your physical body, of course. Deep breathing is key with this particular method.
    3. Rope Method – With this method, you’ll have to imagine a rope hanging above you. You will have to grab this rope and grip it tightly before attempting to pull the rest of your astral body out of your physical body.
  7. At this point, some people will imagine a place they really want to go to, while others will simply wander around without a destination in mind. It’s completely up to you!

How do you know if you are already Astral Projecting?

If you didn’t see your physical body separating from your astral body, you’ll end up wondering if your astral projection was a success.

Some people hear a soft popping or humming sound, while others experience floating and seeing multiple colored lights. These, too, are signs that the astral projection process was a success.

How do you return to your body?

Many of those who regularly practice Astral Projection will say that, like a bungee cord, your astral body is strongly connected to your physical body via a silver cord. Similar to bungee jumping or any sport in need of midair suspension, there is a signal or a “tug” you have to send in order for you to be reeled back in.

To go back, simply think about your physical body and decide to return. Try counting from one to ten with each breath while slowly but surely moving each part of your body.

Apart from leaving your physical body in a safe environment and practicing Astral Projection in a good emotional and mental state, you should also make sure that you take note of your experiences after every trial. After all, Astral Projection isn’t exactly a well-documented experience, nor is any thorough documentation of it something you can prove unless you try it for yourself. It is, after all, an experience that varies from person to person. Your own Astral Projection experience might have its very particular pros and cons, causes and effects.

This is why it is very important to keep a journal of your experiences.

Astral Projection in Film and Books

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Non-Fiction Books

Beyond Dreaming – An In-Depth Guide on How to Astral Project & Have Out of Body Experiences: How The Awakening of Consciousness is Synonymous with Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection, by Gene Hart (2021)

Dream Alchemy: Shaping Our Dreams to Transform Our Lives (Astral Projection), Ted Andrews (2015)

Astral Travel for Beginners: Transcend Time and Space with Out-of-Body Experiences (Astral Projection), Richard Webster (2002)

Lightworker’s Guide to the Astral Realm: Astral Projection for Empaths, Savannah Arienta (2019)


Behind Her Eyes 2021 (Series, Thriller, Drama)

Dr. Strange 2016 (Movie, Action, Sci-Fi)

The Path: Beyond the Physical 2013 (Documentary)

Fiction Books

Stranger WIth My Face, Lois Duncan Thriller, Mystery(1981, 2011)

Nobody True, James Herbert Thriller, Mystery, Horror (2005)

Nightflyer, Christopher Fayh Thriller, Mystery (2016)

If you have tried Astral Projection, seen the films, or read the books, let us know.

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