Spiritual Advisory Board Application

Spiritual Advisory Board Application | Coven Cloud

The Spiritual Advisory Board is interested in working with people who enjoy helping others gain understanding and direction along their spiritual journey.

What is Coven Cloud?

Coven Cloud is a social media platform for healers, witches, pagans, and other spiritual explorers.  We are a safe, online, inclusive space for magical beings of all kinds. 

What is the Spiritual Advisory Board?

The Spiritual Advisory Board is a group of spiritual practitioners from various practices who are available to answer questions and point people in the best directions to further explore and define their personal spiritual journeys.

Are you a Good Fit for The Coven Cloud Spiritual Advisory Board?

  • Have you been in practice for five or more years?
  • Do you enjoy helping people and answering questions?
  • Are you comfortable working with people who are not publicly open with their spiritual practices?
  • Are you informed of ancient traditions and current events?

If you answered yes to the four questions above, we would like to get to know you for consideration for the Spiritual Advisory Board.

Complete the application.

Spiritual Advisory Board Application

Linda Green

Linda Green

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