Our Team

Chief Conjurer

Megan Killion

Chief Conjurer

An entrepreneurial new broom (baby witch), who’s spent the last 15 years kicking ass and taking names in the B2B tech world. Megan has felt the calling of magick since she was a small child and found comfort and healing in energy work. The deeper she explored the more she felt she had “finally found a spiritual home”. Navigating the complex world of witchcraft wasn’t easy and eventually, she felt driven to create a safe place for spiritual nomads. She is committed to making Coven Cloud a place where spiritualists of all backgrounds can feel safe, included, and supported.

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Web Fairy

Molly Hogan

Web Fairy

Self-taught web developer and mother of two who is fueled by caffeine and her passion for all things witchy. She is working on finding her way through the world and through Coven Cloud is excited to make a spiritual home that welcomes all. Being open-minded and enthusiastic is essential, and Molly practices these ideals as a student of paganism. Molly’s years of experience have allowed her to take passion projects and turn them into spiritual realities.

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Lauren Manicke

Spiritual Illuminator

Lauren is a professional creatrix whose natural gifts include intuitive channeling, psychic mediumship, and dream interpretation. A pagan witch with over 15 years of hands-on experience with the paranormal and occult, her craft has seen many transformations and expansions. Having a knack for illuminating others with their gifts, Lauren hopes to connect all generations of various paths, practices, and experiences with the unseen realms through Coven Cloud. Her passion is assisting new brooms (beginner witches) to discover their potential through spirituality, magick education, community, and shared encounters.

Lauren is the Creative Director and Head of Social Media at Megan Killion Consulting Agency. When she isn’t dabbling in the mystical arts, she uses her wit and expertise to help businesses find their light and tell their stories. Lauren is an award-winning 2020 Columbia College of Chicago graduate. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Illustration, a minor in social media and marketing, and an associate’s degree in science focused on creative writing and fine art.

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Circle Sprite

Natasha prefers to remain anonymous for now, but we are very grateful she shares her gifts with us and helps to admin Coven Cloud.

Software Engineer

Alan Frew

Techno Magi

An experienced software engineer and Sagittarius, Alan Frew has been practicing the dark art of web development for 10 years, most recently at Facebook. Alan is excited to help bring the joy of community to underserved spirituality spaces, through both technical consulting and dank memes. He currently resides in Somerville, MA, where he enjoys hiking, board games, and hastening the return of the Elder Gods.

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Video Magician


Video Magician

Jack writes and performs comedy, buys and sells wine, and has been editing graphics and videos since owning his first computer in 2000. He spent the better part of the pandemic producing animated promotional videos for a fictional wrestler in a digital e-federation for a video game wrestling league– which believe it or not was a stranger experience than it sounds! He hopes to leverage his acquired skills to help promote and build the Coven Cloud community because he has been, and continues to be, inspired by the women and men he’s met within this group and in pagan groups in general throughout his life. He believes that Coven Cloud can offer solace and joy to youth and grown-ups alike, and will do what he can to help that dream become a reality.

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Justine "the Witch" Lieberman

Tarotpist & Word Witch
Spiritual Advisory Board, Blog Writer, and Content Creator

Justine the Witch is an eclectic bloodline witch specializing in Shadow Work and Tarot reading. She refers to herself as a “Tarotpist” and a “Word Witch.” Her love for writing and passion to heal spiritual abuse has been the catalyst for her activism and her craft. She is honored to have been initiated and taught by established witches throughout the years and now teaches courses on archetypal connections, meditation, and spell work. Coven cloud recognized her heart for spiritual guardianship and invited her to the Spiritual Advisory Board, which she feels deeply humbled to be a part of. In fact, Justine was so impressed with Coven Cloud’s emphasis on integrity and respect for diversity that she leaped at the opportunity to be a part of this community, and is grateful and thrilled to have found a home here. 

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Aether Candace

Sorceress Supreme

Aether Candace is an Intuitive Performance Coach, Writer, and Digital Marketing Entrepreneur. She helps people heal their relationships with themselves, their businesses, and the people around them. 

Aether Candace has been a Digital Marketing Entrepreneur since 2005 and has worked with some of the top Fortune 500 companies to help them achieve their greatest strides in brand awareness and revenue generation.

Having a passion for expanding her intuitive gifts and helping others do the same, Candace established Cloud 9.5, LLC, which is now Soul Trine, LLC, to help people transform and expand the abilities of their body, mind, and spirit. Today, she uses her skills to help her clients in Cloud 9.5/Soul Trine and Inbound Concepts, a Digital Marketing consultancy established in 2012.

Aether Candace is a published author who writes and paints as a form of creative expression and healing. As a nature lover, she is blessed to be able to provide rejuvenating retreats for learning and expansion. She is loved by her family, friends, and pets.

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Nathalia Fontenelle

Marketing Mystic and Controller of Chaos
Head of Marketing and Organization

Nathalia is a Natural Witch from Brazil. Her Gods are the elements, and for her Nature is the great representation of the Supreme Being. As a beginner witch in this life, she doesn’t quite understand how she knows certain things. She simply knows and is sure that knowledge comes from other lives. From the moment she accepted her magic, the universe began to cross her path with that of other witches–that’s when she met Megan. Nathalia is also a kick-ass Marketing Professional and a Chaos Controller in terms of organization. Megan invited her to work her Magic on Coven Cloud.