The Moon

Ancient people gave the moon many names as it moved through the months and seasons. A Common list is below:

January (also Wolf Moon): protection

February (also Hunger Moon. Strom Moon, Snow Moon): Cleanse and clean your space

March (also Worm Moon): creativity, inspiration, and growth, plan

April (also Pink Moon): start something new, put your plan into action

May: love fertility and friendship (including self-love!)

June (also Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon): dream magic

July (also Buck Moon, Thunder Moon): divination, connect with your inner self, self-regulation

August (also Sturgeon Moon, Grain Moon): balance, celebrate summer as winter encroaches

September: abundance and gratitude

October (also Hunters Moon): connect with ancestors and honor the dead

November (also Ivy Moon): preparing for winter and letting go of what no longer serves you

December (also Cold Moon, Oak Moon): reflect on all that has passed, last preparation for winter and isolation

Moon Phases:

Dark Moon:  banishing, cleansing, alone time, letting go, reflection, soul searching, finding direction, peace, contemplation,

New Moon: setting intentions, moving forward, taking action, exploring new opportunities, beginning new projects, focus on how to manifest goals

Waxing Crescent: determination, following first steps, redefining goals, gaining momentum, pushing forward

First Quarter: being pragmatic, finding balance in your goals, concentrating on growth and expansion

Waxing Gibbous: pushing boundaries and extreme growth, re-examining and re-adjusting plans, cultivation of actions

Full Moon: completion/ manifestation, gratefulness, psychic work, charging, cleansing, letting go

Waning Gibbous: eliminating negative habits, re-evaluating goals, giving thanks, decluttering (donate old clothes or old items)

Last Quarter: practice forgiveness, finding time to relax, cord cutting and getting rid of unhealthy addictions,

Waning Crescent: rest an surrender, make rooms for the new, do things you love, charging yourself and dispelling the negative

Linda Green

Linda Green

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