When The Veil is Thin

The Veil is Thin at this time of year. I’ve heard people say this for most of my life. During this time of year, tons of social media posts will be around to remind us. There are sacred days for many different religions and cultures around the world for this time of year, but what does that mean for you, me, and everyone else walking the earth?

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What Does It Mean When The Veil is Thin?

When people reference the veil as being thin, they are referring to a metaphor or “saying” that represents a fabric between the physical world and the spiritual world getting thinner to where the worlds appear to be more connected and less separate.  

People Have Thin Veils, aka Born With a Veil

For some people, the veil is always thin. They always have the ability to see spirits just as typical people see the living. Depending on personal preferences, some people put custom restraints on how spirits can communicate and appear to them. These restraints can include timing, places, and the vibrational frequency of the spirit. If you used to watch Long Island Medium, you may have remembered how some spirits could not communicate with her because their vibrational frequency was too low. She could sense their presence and see them, but they could not connect in the way spirits with higher frequencies could. 

Even if a person with a thin veil uses restraints and parameters for supernatural interaction, there are some times and places where these won’t hold up as well.

Places Where The Veil is Thin

Times When The Veil is Thin

  • The Witching Hour (After midnight to 4 am)
  • Dusk
  • Dawn
  • Northern Hemisphere – Mid-October to Early November
  • Southern Hemisphere – Mid-April to Early May

An Emotional Significance of Note

“In the United States, Samhain, The Day of the Dead, and many other holidays happen around the same time of year. The veil’s impact is very strong because of the many cultures that are celebrating and honoring this time of year. The more belief, honor, and even fear we have at a specific time of year within a specific place, the more energy we produce that will allow our energy to create a vortex that will allow for supernatural happenings.”  – @justinethewitch

When The Veil Is Thin, Should I Bring in Extra Protection?

You could bring in extra protection, but this time of year is perfect for observation. Dormant gifts within you may come out.  Make sure you protect yourself from harm and do not block yourself from experiences. I recommend Psychic Protection: Balance and Protection for Body, Mind and Spirit  by Ted Andrews to new and seasoned brooms. One of the most difficult parts about protection is not knowing what you need protection from. The thinning of the veil can be a teacher, but books like Psychic Protection by Ted Andrews can teach you what to look out for 365 days a year. Psychic protection isn’t just for what goes bump in the night. It is also for the living who walk among us. This book gives you an idea of what you need to protect yourself from and various ways to protect yourself from what is on the other side of the veil and humanity.

When working on additional protection with the veil is thin, consider protection from harm while allowing yourself to be open to growth and new experiences.

Port Antonio, Jamaica | Coven Cloud
Port Antonio, Jamaica

A Thin Veil Tale

I was looking for a new apartment in Port Antonio, Jamaica, in mid-October. Finding apartments isn’t as easy as it is in the States. I honestly can’t remember how I found this apartment, but I remember reaching out to a driver I knew to help me find the location the owner gave me. The owner told me the lower level of the house had been turned into an apartment with its own entrance and veranda. It was a two-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen and living room. I had the option of having the apartment fully furnished or unfurnished, and pricing would depend on my decision. When we pulled closer to the home, the taxi driver paused and asked if I was sure about the house. I said yes, and he told me he could go no further. I asked him why and he refused to tell me. 

When I stepped out of the car and met the woman – let’s call her Jess, I felt the feeling of wind circling my heart. In the past, when I had that experience, it was a sign that I was supposed to be there. Whether the experience was good or bad was a different story and also relative to perspective, but I moved forward with the tour. 

The basement apartment was exactly what she described. She asked me if I preferred it furnished or unfurnished. I chose unfurnished because I already had a few pieces of furniture and nowhere to put them. She mentioned that the apartment was built for her son and casually went over how he had the place set up for phone usage. All of her sons were adults, and it is normal for people in Jamaica to travel abroad for extended amounts of time or even forever so I thought nothing of her mentioning her son.

I agreed to the terms and moved in within the next few days. I unpacked my stuff and felt pulled to put my quartz, selenite, and black tourmaline crystals near a corner of the living room. I don’t question the whys when I feel drawn to do something specific. I always know I will find out soon. 

Days went on, and one day Jess asked me to come up for dinner. She liked to cook for everyone on Sundays. It’s hard to find a Jamaican man or woman who can’t cook, so of course, I said yes. The food was delicious. During this dinner, she told me about the whereabouts of her son. He was dead. He committed suicide in the same basement I was renting. She gave me details of what led up to his suicide, and she blamed herself. Initially, I tried to calm her fears and told her that she was likely not to blame, but she kept referencing the things she said to him in his final days.

I was not too freaked out, and I’ve had my share of suicide attempts in life, so the energy of the idea was not shocking to me. However, what I did find shocking was the location where he committed suicide. She told me he didn’t get phone service in the bedrooms, so he had his bed in the corner of the living room – coincidentally, the same place where I put my crystals.

Knowing this information didn’t change how I felt about living there, but at this point, I understood that her son knew that I knew. As the days went on and got closer to October 31, 2022, a few incidents stuck out as interesting. When I mentioned protection earlier and said, “Make sure you protect yourself from harm and do not block yourself from experiences,” I was referring to your gifts.

I’ve experienced clairaudience before. Clairaudience is psychic hearing. When this is experienced, I hear a sound and feel a unique physical vibration in my ears at the same time. It doesn’t happen enough for me to go around telling people I am clairaudient. But just before October 31st, it happened. I heard a loud banging, like the banging of a metal door knocker that had a slight ring when it was hit. I’ve heard the banging of the door since then, and I know what it is. It’s a spirit trying to “come in.” I didn’t get scared or mention this to Jess at that time. I just filed it in my brain pocket.

I should have been on high alert from that point, but there was so much going on in my world. On October 31st, I was walking around the apartment, and I saw a man standing in the living room and said, “Excuse me,” and walked right around him. I laugh about this today, but I felt like I was in his way. He didn’t say anything, and when I looked back after recognizing the situation, he wasn’t there for me to see physically, but I could feel him. At that point, I could recognize his presence by how he made me feel. He was depressed, and I was as well, but not to the level that he was. His depression was stronger and thicker than mine. So all those times I thought I was about to have a depression episode, it wasn’t me. It was him. Having the story from his mother helped me understand what I was working with, but it also helped me understand why I couldn’t pick him up sooner. We were vibrating at a similar frequency. 

The next time I had dinner with the family, I told them about my experiences. His brother told me he heard knocking at specific hours from time to time, and he also thought he heard his brother calling his name. When I told them about how he showed himself to me and his presence, I got more details about his suicide. How he did it, and how he regretted his process in the end. One day I will share more details of these events in a book. Not long after my confessions, the mother asked me to leave. I left and assumed she thought I would be mad and have something weird to say or do, but I didn’t. I was supposed to be there to clear up their doubts about their son/brother’s communication. 

I later found out some unsavory things about Jess and her reputation with people in the community. Let’s say there is a reason why the taxi driver refused to pull up in front of her house. People fear the dead, but the living are the biggest threats to our physical, mental, and emotional safety.

What experiences have you had when the veil is thin? Do you have a thin veil? Do you live near a place with a thin veil?

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