What Your Astrological Sign Says About You

Astrological Sign

Have you ever wondered what your astrological sign says about you? Sure, some people think its all nonsense, but if youre curious about your own birth chart or how different astrological signs interact with each other, there are some basic principles that might shed some light on this mysterious art. Here are the basic principles of astrology explained so that anyone can understand them.

1) Before we start – let’s briefly discuss the zodiac signs
There are 12 signs of the zodiac, with each having an association with a specific constellation. The sun’s annual path along our sky is divided into 12 sectors; each representing one of these signs. (For example, when we say someone was born under Pisces – that means they were born between February 19th and March 20th.) Astrology can be used to describe personality traits in detail – but it also helps us understand how life events (both positive and negative) can affect us.

2) Aquarius
Aquarians are usually eccentric in some way, but thats part of what makes them so exciting. Often spotted at music festivals or jumping into impromptu picnics in the park, these interesting individuals can never be accused of living life by anyone elses rules. Water-bearers are independent thinkers who break free from societal expectations, which can make their relationships challenging (since they often dont like to conform) but also make them incredibly tolerant and accepting. If you know an Aquarius person, chances are good that their best friends love them for iteven if they roll their eyes at Aquarius unpredictability on occasion. Friends are likely to ask you what your sign is, tooits a great conversation starter! Aquarius’ are born from January 20 – February 18.

3) Pisces
Theres a slight imbalance in that your empathy for others could border on martyrdom. Youre so sensitive and gentle, other people have a tendency to take advantage of you, but it doesnt mean you have to let them. Be firm in saying no when others ask too much from you. Everyone has limits, after all. To get ahead professionally, be open to other ideas and arguments because being flexible and non-judgmental will help you be more successful at work and in life. It may feel like there are very few guarantees out therebut your hard work is one of them! Remember that nobody is perfect; making mistakes is part of life. Just dont make too manyand keep learning as you go! The sun will always rise again tomorrow! Your biggest strength? Your intuition. Don’t ignore what your gut tells you (it’s actually quite wise). Trust yourself to see opportunities where others see roadblocks, say yes instead of no, and know instinctively what needs to be done next. Work alongside those who compliment rather than criticize or bring negativity into their relationships with people around themthey only bring out the worst in us, creating problems where none existed before. Pisces are born between February 19 – March 20.

4) Aries
People born under Aries are known for their fiery, energetic natures. You love to take action and do what you want when you want to do it, which can sometimes ruffle feathers. However, what you lack in tactfulness, you make up for in audacity; if no one else is going to do something that needs doing, then by golly thats just fine with an Aries. In a professional environment, people of your sign tend to be good leaders who arent afraid of taking risks or breaking traditions. That said, they also have pretty short attention spans and may not be suited for more boring lines of work. In astrology, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, considered as governing the period from about March 21 to about April 19.

5) Taurus
Known for their stubbornness, Taureans take a while to warm up. In fact, once they do get to know you, they can be extremely loyal and dependable. They’re often quite conservative in nature and aren’t afraid to admit that. The Taurus also has a hard time accepting criticism from others–it’s not that they don’t want criticism, it’s just something they struggle with absorbing because of their self-confidence issues. While Taureans are very logical people, logic isn’t always a good thing when it comes to relationships; conflict is something these signs avoid at all costs because of their sensitivity–they try not to make waves or rock any boats. They need harmony in their lives. When they have too much stress, they are prone to binging on food or alcohol. Taurus birth is from April 20 – May 20.

6) Gemini
The TwinsIntelligent, communicative, versatile and fun-loving. They need a partner who can hold their attention for more than five minutes at a time. A Geminis one major flaw is that they want to do everything, see everything and meet everyone. Make sure to keep them busy with interesting projects! A great choice for Gemini’s life partners are: Virgo or Capricorn. Maybe because these signs like routine? However, an ideal match would be Leo. These two natural entertainers will never run out of things to talk about. Good matches include Taurus or Cancer; since both signs make Geminis feel secure and loved (no matter how many times they may be flirting with someone else!) Signs Gemini should avoid like hives include Aquarius (even though it does have some similar qualities), Scorpio (way too intense) and Pisces (way too emotional). Enjoy being around people? Love being in charge? Don’t mind working long hours? You’re definitely a Gemini! You enjoy all types of work if it means doing what you love. Gemini’s are born from May 21 – June 20.

7) Cancer
They can be so moody. One day theyre over-the-moon happy and excited to do things, and then next minute they dont want to see anyone. You never know what mood Cancer will be in on any given day (but you should expect their emotions to run deep). People born under this sign are natural survivors; they might appear delicate on the outside but in truth, Cancers are highly resilient individuals who almost always emerge stronger than ever after enduring hardship. This is because Cancers have a wonderful quality of being able to draw strength from within when times get toughthey can retreat into their shell for awhile if necessary before emerging more resilient than ever. While other signs may feel like they need to conquer problems head-on and tackle them directly, Cancers prefer a less direct approach. By detouring around problems rather than tackling them head-on, Cancers often find that problem solving becomes easier and stress levels decrease! At their best: sensitive, intuitive and nurturing. At their worst: pessimistic or whiny Cancer generally has such big dreams that its hard for them not to feel defeated when life doesnt turn out how they envisioned it would. In astrology, Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, considered as governing the period from about June 22 to about July 22.

8) Leo
Strong-willed and magnetic, Leos are fire signs. Leos passionate personalities tend to attract lots of attention from others, but when it comes to socializing, these types have a few conditions: 1) Theyre in charge 2) Theyre being admired 3) Their opinion is adored above all others. If these arent met, Leo will go off on their own to sulk for hours on end. This tendency has earned them a bad reputation as self-centered people, but anyone who has known one will tell you that theyre caring and protective too. Just dont get on their bad side or else! These people crave control and will do anything to keep those they love under their thumb. Leo’s are born between July 23 – August 22.

9) Virgo
August 23 – September 22, Element Earth, Quality Analytical, Form Mutable. The Virgin is known for being discerning and self-critical, but also analytical and practical. He or she has a way of seeing things objectively. What that really means is they are very hard on themselves, although they may be hard on others as well. They tend to be wise in general with a natural desire to learn more about everything around them. While Virgos do have a tendency toward hypochondria, theyre often medically adept. Virgos love to plan long-term projects or events, and they work methodically toward achieving their goals with an eye toward detail. Once set in motion theres little stopping a Virgo from making sure things get done exactly how he wants them donethey excel at bringing projects to completion.

10) Libra
The month of September, being ruled by Libra, is a good time to have fun with friends, enjoy some romance and start new projects. At their best, Libras are peacemakers who are good listeners who want everyone to get along. Theyre often honest to a fault and fear hurting others feelings. At their worst, they can be indecisive or overly concerned with what others think. Most people fall somewhere in between those two extremes. But overall, their adaptability helps them thrive in most situations. Libra’s are born from September 23 – October 22.

11) Scorpio
The passionate Scorpio zodiac sign is a true lover. They have a magnetic personality and a larger-than-life charm that draws others in, and they can hold their own with just about anyone. Their intensity makes them feel emotions more deeply than most other signs, so if someone does manage to break through their tough exterior, theyre likely to be completely loyal forever. And though they have a fiery disposition, few things melt Scorpios hearts faster than being shown affection from those closest to them. You might get what you want when it comes to love, but not without earning it firsttheir gift for seeing beyond any situation means they arent easily fooled by flattery or surface-level politeness. But in return for all their demands, Scorpios are fiercely protective of family and friendsthey have an ironclad instinct when it comes to danger or deceit that could harm those they care about. Scorpio’s are born between October 23 – November 21.

12) Sagittarius
Sagittarius is one of two fire signs (the other being Aries). People born under Sagittarius are optimistic, charismatic, and exciting. Theyre always looking for adventure and will happily introduce new people to their social circle because they love meeting new people. Theyre thinkers who like to discuss big ideasbut they also like getting to the bottom of things, which can make them distrustful. If someone tries to BS Sagittarius, it wont end well; these folks arent afraid to cut people out of their lives if someones not straight with them. Loved ones describe Sagittarians as honest but blunt; dont expect sugarcoating from these folks! These folks make great friends, but arent always great partners. Sagittarius’ are born November 22 – December 21

13) Capricorn
Analytical and practical, Capricorns are natural pessimists who dont buy into anything unless they see proof. Its not that theyre closed-mindedjust that they believe nothing good happens without effort. Their greatest challenge is their lack of motivation, which can sometimes lead to isolation. These nocturnal creatures are ruled by Saturn, so it should come as no surprise that all eyes are on them at work. Beneath their icy exterior lies a generous heart ready to help anyone in need; it just takes time for them to warm up. Loved ones will know them best for their brutal honesty. When others lie, they tell people what they think even if it hurts feelings or makes others angry. Capricorn’s are born December 22 – January 19.

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