What Do Sagittarius, Leo, And Aries Have In Common?

You cant talk about fire signs without mentioning Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries. All three of these zodiac signs are fire signs, meaning they are ruled by the planet Mars in Western astrology. Fire signs are passionate and bold, unafraid to take the road less traveled when they believe it will lead them to their purpose. Fire signs are known for their passion, creativity, spontaneity, inspiration, and strong-willed spirit.

1) The Sagittarian

Is an explorer at heart. They value freedom above all else. No matter where they are located on earth there is a constant quest for adventure. They have a lust for life that fuels their every waking moment. The farther away from home they are, or whatever situation or activity they find themselves in, it’s always an opportunity to learn something new about their world or themselves. Intellectual and talkative, constantly learning is one of their favorite pastimes along with exploring wherever they are visiting. These natives will never be bored! Life is too short to spend time being bored or unhappy, so it’s time to get out and see what other people’s lives look like beyond your own. 

Sagittarians have an unbridled optimism that shines into every aspect of their life. Life should be full of fun experiences so live life to its fullest potential while you can! It would be a shame if you didn’t live up to your full potential by not knowing what you’re capable of. Your curiosity will lead you down many paths before your journey here on Earth comes to an end, so don’t put limits on yourself just because others have already placed limitations upon themselves. As friends, Sagittarians are insightful, wise and honestbut they can also be blunt and too direct. They struggle to share their truths with tact and sensitivity. They are great to have around as their talkative, sociable nature makes it easy for them to connect with everyone.

2) The Leo

This fire sign is an extrovert who loves to be around people and sports surprisingly thin skin. Criticism can pierce them deeply; they crave affirmation, praise, validation. Leos are always willing to lend a helping hand. These generous individuals like everything to be just right for them before getting started, but once theyre on board with a project or team its impossible to stop them from blazing ahead! Leos are like the sun: warm, constant, shining on all those in their orbit.  They are fixed, steady, predictable friends who love to-do lists, can be resistant to change, and take time to adapt to pivots.  

In romance, Leos take center stage. They love being adored by their partner and will go out of their way to put a smile on their face. They need their partners to lavish them with affection and prove their love and loyalty. Once they are settled into a trusting relationship, they make playful, affectionate partners that enjoy keeping things hot and heavy. Leos are secretly sensitive; they are quick to put up a brave face when hurt, but inside they are more vulnerable than their fiery-lion outside would let on.

3) The Aries

The first quality of an Aries that people typically notice is their creative (fiery) energy. This fire sign is always on the move, putting their independent and entrepreneurial spirit into action. Aries make up some of the most inspiring leaders and can get even the most stuck individuals moving with their energetic, motivating attitude. Their energy is infectious and they have a limitless curiosity for everything (including new projects). This makes them an exciting friend to hang out with. They are somewhat competitive but love to celebrate and uplift their friends. 

Aries also have a child-like fascination with the world and a sense of adventure that can be a little reckless and impulsive at times. They dont like to be told what to do and avoid being controlled at all costs; theyd rather be their own boss. Their boundless energy is best channeled in physical activity (preferably outdoors) or challenging projects that they can pour their whole heart and mind into.

If youre born under an astrological fire sign, your potential is incredible! If not, then you would gain much by befriending a Saggitarius, Leo or Aries to reap the benefits of their fiery personalities.

Linda Green

Linda Green

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