What Do Different Candle Colors Mean In Witchcraft?

What do different candle colors mean in witchcraft? Colors play an important role in the practice of magick and witchcraft. They also appear frequently in different types of spells and rituals, as well as in the tools used to practice such crafts. For example, you can use candles with specific colors during certain spells. Each color corresponds to different meanings, and those meanings differ depending on which culture you consult for this type of information.

Red Candles

The color red is a powerful symbol of fire and blood. In some traditions, it symbolizes passion, lust, and physical desires. In other traditions, red is a symbol of protection from evil spirits. These two seemingly conflicting meanings make for an interesting combination when using candles during magick spells. Red candles can also be used for spellwork that involves strength, willpower, or courage, and to summon the element of fire when casting circles.

Orange Candles

Orange candles are used for joy, legal affairs, energy stimulation, creativity, positivity, and good luck. Use your imagination! Think of orange as a friendly but intense color like you might see on a traffic cone and choose an appropriate image for it. Imagine swirling energy (instead of flame) rising from your ritual space and feel its warmth and strength spread through your body, bringing your desired outcome into manifestation. Visualization is key to effective candle magick.

Yellow Candles

Yellow candles are best used for mental clarity, wisdom, intellect, communication, spiritual connection or contact, and to call upon the spirit of Air. Yellow candles can be used for spellwork that helps your confidence, or even spells pertaining to potential employment possibilities. Use yellow candles to help with visualization in rituals if you feel a mental block.

Green Candles

Green is a color of balance and harmony, making it an excellent choice for candle magick rituals that help bring these qualities into your life. Green candles can also be used to honor and call upon Earth spirits, or for spells and rituals involving luck, prosperity, healing, growth, and fertility. Earth magick works best with green candles.

Blue Candles

Blue is a calming color that symbolizes peace and tranquility. Its also associated with spirituality and wisdom. Blue candles are typically burned for calmness, health, meditation, and healing. Burning blue candles can also protect against negativity and psychic attacks. Use blue candles to summon the spirits of Water, to achieve inner peace, and to help awaken your spirituality.

Purple Candles

The color purple symbolizes clairvoyance and magick. Use purple candles in spells and rituals that involve psychic abilities, dream magick, divination, astral projection, and to open your third eye. Purple candles can also be used to deepen your spiritual awareness and enhance your magick and abilities as a whole.

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Linda Green

Linda Green

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