The Best Crystals For Depression

The Best Crystals For Depression

Are you struggling with depression? Crystals can be an excellent tool to help you battle this condition, whether its due to hormonal changes, chemical imbalances, or the stress of everyday life. These crystals will not only aid in the healing process but also help to strengthen your resolve so that you can fight back against depression and take control of your mental state. Here are the best crystals for depression.

1) Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is one of the most popular metaphysical stones in use today. It is among some of the most powerful healing crystals to help with depression, anxiety, stress and tension. When you feel down in the dumps or are really anxious, you can place a clear quartz in your home to help with clearing negative energy. Its an excellent stone to have when starting a meditation practice. If you are feeling lethargic or overly emotional try carrying around a piece of clear quartz on you throughout your day.

2) Carnelian

This orange-colored stone is another excellent crystal to help get rid of feelings of negativity. Carnelian is also said to provide protection, especially when worn around the neck. The protection that carnelian provides isnt only physical, but emotional as well. Some people may find that wearing or carrying Carnelian can help them deal with their depression by clearing their minds and allowing them to focus on solutions to their problems rather than how bad they feel about things in general.

3) Smoky Quartz

When in doubt, go with smoky quartz. This powerful stonealso known as galena or cinnebarcan be used to relieve stress and anxiety, enhance your energy, and strengthen your will. It can even help you sleep better. And when combined with other stones on our list it may also be helpful in treating depression. Smoky quartz is grounding and gives an intense boost of power thats especially helpful if youre feeling lethargic or run down.

4) Lepidolite

Lepidolite has been used as a healing stone to assist with depression and anxiety. Lepidolite is usually very dark, even black in color; however, crystals that are clear may also be more potent. It can be used to remove negativity from an individuals body and energy field. This crystal will help you release any anger or rage and help relieve stress and insomnia (sleep disorders). Lepidolite can also be used to protect one from the negative influences of others.

5) Jasper

Jasper is another stone of protection. It has been used in funeral rituals since ancient times, believed to protect loved ones after death and ensure they make it to heaven. This is why Jasper is often thought of as a protective stone. It will not only dispel emotional negativity but also protect you against emotional attacks by others. You can wear or carry a piece with you anywhere, but its best to keep one in your home or office where you spend most of your time in order to always have its energy near you.

6) Obsidian

This stone can be used to dispel emotional negativity, including issues related to depression. Its an excellent stone to carry around with you if you are feeling emotionally vulnerable. Unlike many other stones that do not benefit from moonlight or sunlight, Obsidian needs both to fully activate its powers. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your Obsidian near a window.

7) Angel Aura

A special type of clear quartz, Angel Aura helps you see that no matter how isolated or alone you feel, there is always someone or something in your life to turn to. This stone promotes peace and harmony throughout your inner circle.

8) Rose Quartz

The ultimate stone of love, Rose Quartz is known as a stone of universal love. It helps heal childhood wounds or past-life traumas that are related to love. It opens your heart chakra to new opportunities, experiences and relationships. A helpful crystal for social anxiety, depression and self-esteem issues, Rose Quartz is said to help you become more receptive to new ideas, experiences and relationships.

9) Malachite

Malachite is an excellent crystal to use during times of stress and worry, as it has a gentle yet powerful way of calming a person down. Malachite is also a fantastic stone to aid in remembering things, thus making it a great study aid, especially in exams or when preparing for job interviews.

10) Agate

Agate is a calming stone that has been used since Roman times to protect from negativity and strengthen our personal will. As it resonates with all of the chakras, agate brings alignment to body, mind and spirit. Agate is known as an earth stone, a grounding crystal that provides a strong connection to nature and its healing energy. This crystal works well with all chakras and can remove blockages in any of them.

11) Black Tourmaline

This stone is an excellent choice if you want to repel negative energy and encourage positivity. Black Tourmaline also helps protect your aura from outside negativity. You can hold or wear Black Tourmaline to block out the psychic attack, grief, depression, and suicidal thoughts. If youre dealing with mental health issues like PTSD, holding or wearing Black Tourmaline can be incredibly helpful in recovery.

12) Moonstone

A stone of introspection, Moonstone provides an outlet to reflect on current mental state and moods. It is great for identifying mood swings and how they affect your relationships with others. Moonstone can also help you understand what factors in your life contribute to depression.

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