The Best Crystals For Depression: 12 Magical Stones To Help Fight The Blues

There are many reasons why someone might feel depressed. Stress, chronic illness, grief, and just the regular ups and downs of life can all lead to bouts of depression.  Although some people may need more specialized help than others, there are still ways to combat depression on your own effectively. Crystals are one natural resource for emotional healing. They emit energy that can bring you back into balance both on a physical level and an emotional one. Read on to learn about the best crystals for depression (and how they work!).

What are crystals?

Crystals are not crystals at all; they are clays or other mineral formations that are shaped the way they are by powerful energies within the earth. We are familiar with gemstones for their beautiful colors and silvery sheen. On the other hand, crystals come in a wide variety of hues, shapes, and sizes, each with a unique energy.  All forms of meditation, including breath work, affirmations, mantra-like intonations, and visualization exercises, focus on the nature of the human spirit and its relationship to the natural world. These activities are all centered on tuning into a more significant source of knowledge that brings us closer to universal peace and love and holds the potential to bring us relief from mental and physical distress.

How do crystals help with depression?

A 2014 study found that taking a magnesium supplement lowered depression scores in both women and men. Magnesium works by blocking the actions of a neurotransmitter called serotonin that regulates mood.  Another recent study showed that leucine, an amino acid found in meat, fish, and dairy products, helps reduce symptoms of depression. Another study found that 82 percent of women who took leucine reported improvements in their depression symptoms, including decreased feelings of sadness and anxiety. The results suggest that eating foods high in leucine, like meat, may reduce depression, which improves mood.  Another reason why there are so many reports of mineral supplements and vitamins reducing depression because minerals help our bodies regulate serotonin levels.

The best crystals for depression

I usually don’t recommend crystals because their energy is a little bit too opaque. However, I recommend you test a few out to see if they bring you any benefit. If you experience relief, they may be the answer to your depression.  Once you get them, you’ll want to figure out which one is best for you and your needs. These are the best crystals for depression.  1. Clear Quartz  Clear Quartz Courtesy: Clear Quartz is traditionally used for promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  “This stone is meant to clear clutter and toxicity,” said Lisa Frankon, director of kundalini centers and teaching centers.  Clear quartz, or quartz, is a natural water-based stone. It’s usually clear or frosted, though some stones have a swirl or brown tone.

Using Crystals to Fight Depression

Whether you need to stay motivated to make it through a tough day or you want to embrace the happy memories of the past to get you through the day, crystals can help keep you present.  Filled with positive energy, crystals are also believed to help you stay positive. When experiencing negative emotions, place a little piece of your favorite crystal on the floor or in your living space. The crystals will absorb the negative energy, so you can set the crystal back in its home when you are ready to bring it back into balance. You can also place your favorite stone on your nightstand or on your computer desktop to remind you that you are capable of achieving your goals.


Many people use healing crystals to treat physical ailments. Many people use meditation to help their overall mental state. Many people have turned to crystals to use energy healing to help them overcome the trials of depression. There are several different ways that crystals are said to function for energy healing, and it’s not always as simple as “just wearing them, and the energy will flow through you.”  Many people swear by their healing propertiesfrom crystal healing to mindfulness meditation to using chakra stones and other crystals for spiritual protection. Whether you want to improve your overall mental well-being or try an alternative healing modality, crystals are one natural resource that is more than just “just a pretty stone.

Linda Green

Linda Green

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