The Beaver Moon Is Coming! What Should You Expect?

On Friday, November 19, 2021, at 3:57 AM ET, the Beaver Moon will be accompanied by a partial lunar eclipse. If you live in parts of North America or Eastern Asia, youll have the best view of this celestial event so dont miss it! But what exactly will you see? Heres everything you need to know about the Beaver Moon and its lunar eclipse.

Know what’s happening
A lunar eclipse happens when the moon moves into Earth’s shadow. During a partial lunar eclipse, when part of our natural satellite passes through Earth’s penumbra an area that we don’t typically think of as shadow, it dims and reddens somewhat. A complete lunar eclipse occurs when all of our moon moves through that umbra and becomes totally dark in appearance. Lunar eclipses are easy to see from pretty much anywhere on Earth, unlike solar eclipses, which require certain conditions to occur in order for viewers to get a clear view. In other words, you won’t need to be standing outside your house with one eye closed while holding up a pinhole camera. Full moons are perpetually powerful periods of release, illumination, and resolution but our November 2021 full moon rising on Nov. 19 will put these energies into hyperdrive. Thats because this upcoming full moon, also called the Beaver Moon, is a lunar eclipse, so its ushering in all kinds of emotional adjustments. Recognizing the spiritual meaning of the Beaver Moon can assist us in keeping our eyes on the prize as we near the darker season ahead and prepare ourselves for the eclipses shake-ups.

History behind this name
It gets its name from beavers that do most of their building in November, and its also a full moon, which means more light for them to work. That’s why it was originally called Frosty Moon by North American tribes. However, by the 17th century, colonists started naming after their traditions. They knew a new moon meant a new month and a full moon meant a beaver moon. So without being aware of any Native-American culture or tradition, they named it just like any other full moon in Novemberthe Beaver Moon. The term has stuck until today.

How to celebrate
Incorporating the full moon energy into your spiritual practice or simply into your everyday flow is a great way to align with the cosmos natural rhythms. Consider making an offering during meditation or ceremony, lighting some candles, praying to any deities you worship, using sage smudging for purification and cleansing, taking a ritual soak, eating beaver tails (jokingbut not really), going for a walk in nature while admiring some autumnal foliage, journaling about what’s going on in your life right now whatever feels right to you. And if nothing else comes up, at least there’s always watching The Beaver King (1993). (Warning: Not suitable for children.)

Most full moons are powerful times for doing rituals and moon magic, eclipses are typically an exception as the cosmic energies are exceedingly chaotic and compromised. Instead of attempting to harness the energy in a moon ritual, its best to simply immerse yourself in the rough waters of change and work to embrace whatever the universe throws your way. Take this full moon slowly, and listen to the universe to understand what is meant for you. The moon will be in earth sign Taurus territory at the moment of the eclipse, so its energy is highlighting our sensual practices and bringing recognition to the material domain. Its a good time to feel within your body and tune toward your senses to appreciate some full moon insights. If possible, go somewhere quiet without too many interruptions. Meditate upon your dreams to see how they may manifest in reality over time. Let intuition guide you instead of rushing head-first through fear. If anything scary arises, remember that its only temporary – that everything flows, even when things don’t seem to be working out in your favor at first glance. Remember that each experience serves you along your journey in some capacity; consider exploring whether learning something new can help to unlock greater potential in yourself or develop more effective relationships with others who support who you are becoming. If you’re looking for a specific activity during the eclipse, try selecting some grounding crystals to meditate with.

When to see it
On Friday, November 19, 2021, at 3:57 AM ET. Not sure when that is where you are? You can use a time zone converter to find out. This eclipse will be visible in much of Europe and parts of northern Africa and western Asia. The further north and east you live in North America, however, the better your chances will be of seeing it because a larger area will lie within its path. Will it be visible from my hometown? You can use a visibility map to see if any part of your location will fall within its narrow path. And rememberweather permittingthe higher up you are, the more of an unobstructed view youll have.

Linda Green

Linda Green

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