Ten Signs You Might Be A Real Life Witch

If youve ever thought that there might be something more than just the natural world, then youre not alone. Many of us have felt that way at some point in our lives, and it could be because were witches in real life! While it might sound like an insult to some people, being called a witch is actually very flattering when you consider all the amazing qualities that come with it. You can even help your friends find out if they are witches too! There are lots of tell-tale signs that you are secretly one of these mystical beings.

1) You Love Nature
Witches often love nature and do as much as they can to stay in touch with it. If you can’t live near mountains, forest, and streams, at least make sure you spend as much time there as possible. Spend time outside and take nature hikes. Go for walks every day and sit down on park benches to enjoy your surroundings. At home, keep plants around and learn how to garden. Remember that nature is your friend if we destroy it we won’t be able to live well so do all you can to help ensure its preservation. Find ways to recycle and reuse whenever possible. Watch documentaries about climate change and other natural disasters; become an activist of sorts and fight for what’s right even when no one else will!

2) You Love Manifestations and Affirmations
With your intent focused on your specific goal, youre taking inspired action in every moment to manifest it. Its like writing that check and then putting it into circulation: As you put out positive energy into that Universe, it can only come back to you. The actions and choices we make give us clues about what we believe and how we feel; our beliefs help determine our reality. Manifestation is an agreement we make with ourselves and reality is always congruent with how we feel about ourselves. That means if youre not feeling good about yourself, chances are things outside of yourself will start falling apart very quickly.

3) Mysticism is Natural to You
Mysticism is just another word for intuition. If you’re someone who can sense emotions, energy, and other intangible things around you, then you might have a natural knack for magic. That’s why many witches say that their own intuition leads them to find magic more than anything else. If you’ve always had a feeling that there was something more out there – beyond what we’re normally able to perceive with our five senses – then it’s possible that you’re more connected to reality than most people.

4) Listening & Learning are Tantamount
Listening and learning is your favorite way of getting information; its how you approach life. Listening and reflecting on what other people say is an important part of growing. If you want to learn something new, then you need to be willing to listen carefully to other people. Listening requires taking in other points of view and finding value in them even if they arent what you originally expected or wanted to hear. When you can truly appreciate others for who they are, then you can learn from them every time you communicate with them.

5) An Introvert at Heart
Introverts are often misunderstood by their extroverted counterparts. Unlike extroverts, introverts are more energized by spending time alone than being around others, and oftentimes have difficulty managing daily social interaction. No matter how many times an introvert is told that they should come out of their shell, it simply doesn’t make sense to force yourself to do something that your brain physically cannot handle. Instead of trying to force an introvert to turn into someone they’re not, try learning more about what makes them tick. Some witches are extroverted, but many of us are overwhelmed by crowds due to our gifts, so introversion is common amongst magical folx.

6) Intuition is Important
Many people think that intuition is nothing more than good judgment, but theres more to it. Intuition is about trusting your body and mind to be able to provide you with information beyond what you can see or hear. Theres always something happening behind our sensory perception, and sometimes we need to slow down and tune in so we can tune out everything else. If you find yourself making decisions quickly without hesitationknowing instantly what’s right for you even when it feels like everyone else disagreeschances are you have an intuitive nature. This is because women are generally thought of as being more sensitive than men, so they tend to receive information through their senses in different ways than men do.

7) You’ve Always Believed There’s More to This World
Throughout history, people have had encounters with things they can’t fully explain. Maybe youve had one yourself. Witches are all about tapping into knowledge and energies that most others arent aware of, so its no surprise that witches might have a greater sense of their own abilities. After all, witches have been persecuted for their beliefs for centuries, which means that many witches hide what they truly believe to protect themselves from persecution. It takes a powerful belief system to withstand that kind of pressure. If youve always believed there was more to life than meets the eye, you might be rightyou just might be witchy!

8) Halloween is Fun For You
Witches are often depicted as evil enchantresses, but for Wiccans and other real-life witches, Halloween isnt all about tricks and treats. The origin of Halloween comes from Samhain (pronounced sow-in), which is one of eight Sabbats (also called festivals) in some pagan religions. On Samhain, the veil between heaven and earth thins. Its also when two important Celtic deities were honored: Lugh, god of light and physical strength; and Jackor sometimes AnnieO’Lantern, who would lead souls to their afterlife. In today’s world, most people associate Halloween with pumpkins, costumes and candyas well as ghosts or goblins knocking on your door at nightbut many pagans mark Samhain by honoring ancestors or celebrating life’s cycles.

9) Creativity Runs Through Your Veins
Witches are creative people. The craft is about what you make from your life, from your unique experiences and perceptions, from your own identity. Its as much about how you live as it is about what you create or whether or not anyone likes it. In fact, no one can make art for you all of that must come from within yourself. So if art is important to you, especially in an emotional sense if being an artist means more than just painting a pretty picture or mixing a catchy song then maybe witchcraft really could be for you. And dont worry – theres definitely no special “you have to have magic powers” prerequisite to being a witch 😉

10) You Feel Drawn to Ancient Cultures
Witches are not religious (witches can be religious but they dont have to be). A witch is someone who practices witchcraft. Witchcraft is an ancient spiritual practice that predates most modern religions. When witches feel drawn to ancient cultures, like Native American or Celtic, it isnt because witches follow any particular religion, but rather because witchcraft can often be found within those cultures. Witches are naturally drawn to any spiritual tradition that has embraced natural spirituality and is about respecting nature. Anytime you are drawn to something naturally, pay attention. It might just mean there is more for you to learn about yourself as a witch!

Linda Green

Linda Green

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