Ruby And Pearl


Love, money, protection, luck?

Pearl has mystically symbolized the moon, water, the center of creation the and the Universe since ancient times. An ancient Syrian goddess was called the Lady of pearls. After the worship of Egypt migrated from Egypt to Rome ancient Romans offered her pearls as sacrifices. The early Saxons called them the Tears of Freya.  Across the Mediterranean pearls have various goddess associations, creation, nurturing and the feminine divine. The Chinese thought they were raindrops swallowed by oysters when battles in the sky were raged by Dragons (fierce thunderstorms.)

Pearls are heavily used in love magic. They are worn in India to ensure a happy marriage. They are also used to attract money with simple manifestation or sympathetic magic. For general good fortune or favorable luck wear a ruby with pearls. Pearls are also worn for longevity and to promote fertility. It can drive away demons and guards a household against fire. Divers and swimmers in the South Pacific will wear pearls to protect from shark attack. Pearls are also worn to preserve health, instill courage and lend physical strength.

Color variations of pearls-

Black or Blue pearls: good luck

Pink: easy, comfortable easy life

Yellow: bring wealth

Red: promote intelligence


Wealth, protection, power, joy, fidelity, anti-nightmare

Rubies were considered the perfect offering by Buddhists in China to Buddha and to Krishna in India. In ancient India rubies were said to draw additional precious stones to the owner.  They were used for scrying and are said to darken when danger approaches the wearer. Dreams of rubies were said to foretell success.  In renaissance times rubies were given to a ?virtuous woman.? In the 13th century they were considered wealth attracting stones.

Rubies are said to convey invulnerability and so are for protection from everything. Worn by soldiers versus physical combat but also useful in psychic combat. Ruby in the home guards against storms and negativity. Touching the trees or boundaries of a garden will protect them from storms and lightning. They are worn during ritual to increase energy. Also worn to banish sadness, negativity, produce joy, dispel fear and strengthen willpower.

Linda Green

Linda Green

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