Obsidian, Turquoise, Bloodstone

Obsidian: protection, grounding, divination, peace.

Obsidian is rapidly cooled lave, natural volcanic glass. The Mayans used the black glass since 100 BC. And Aztecs used obsidian to make mirrors for divination. It was made into arrowhead, knives, and spear heads designed to have magical properties. It was also said that Dr. Dee, advisor and astrologer to Elizabeth the First, also used obsidian for divination.

As a grounding stone obsidian is great for grounding and centering. Indeed, holding it while you feel flighty can help you feel more stable and more in order. Obsidian was also carried and used in protection rituals. It is used surrounding a candle, placed in the cardinal four directions, and it wall disperse negative energy aggressively. Spheres of obsidian are used in Mexico to allow easier access to the subconscious mind. Obsidian also is used as a protective talisman for travelers and is called the Manifestation stone.

Turquoise: protection, courage, money, love, friendship, healing, luck.

Turquoise is sacred to many Native tribes in the Americas. Navajo use them to summon rain and placed in tombs to guard the dead. They would carve it into figures of horse and sheep for protection. Pueblos placed turquoise under the floors of their homes. It was carried by Apache Shamans and attached to a bow for correct shots.

Turquoise is made into rings for protection against the evil eye, disease, serpents, poison, violence, and accidents. It is said to promote courage. It is still used as a horsemans talisman and for travelers. Turquoise is also used in spells to gain wealth. It is also given to significant others for matrimonial harmony. Turquoise is also used to attract new friends, to be joyous, even tempered and increase beauty. Its healing abilities are for eye strength, fevers, and headaches.

Bloodstone has been used for over 3,000 years in magic. It was used in ancient Babylon to overcome ones enemies, and in ancient Egypt, it was used to open doors, break bonds, and knock down stone walls. In the Middle Ages, it was worn by farmers to increase crop yield. In the 13th century, it was carved into the shape of bats to increase the effectiveness of spells.

Bloodstone is said to stop bleeding and was carried by soldiers. When pressed to the wound, it would stop blood flow (though this was probably more to do with applying pressure to the wound.) It is also used to alleviate fevers and for general health. Athletes will wear it to increase physical strength and to win competitions. It is also worn to increase courage, calm fears, and negate anger. Bloodstone was seen as protective versus miscarriage. It is another wealth-attracting stone.

Linda Green

Linda Green

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