Lunar Magic Soak- Fulfill Your Full Moon Rituals

A moon bath ritual can be incredibly powerful and healing. Its the perfect combination of the physical and the spiritual but there are some special considerations to keep in mind to ensure you get everything out of this magical experience that you possibly can! Here are some lunar magic soak ideas that are sure to take your full moon ritual bath to the next level

1) Enhance Energy Flow
The easiest way to enhance your energy flow is by adding an energy gem. Energy gems, also known as chakra stones, are a quick and easy way to bring extra power into your life or that of a loved one. You can add chakra gems into your bath water or other forms of healing liquids. The stone will infuse its healing power into whatever liquid you add it to. The best time to add an energy gem is at night under moonlight while taking a full moon ritual bath.

2) Improve Intuition
Take a bath with essential oils that are known to help with psychic abilities. One of our favorites is Indian Frankincense oil, which has been known to enhance intuition, meditation and other spiritual practices. Its also perfect for opening up ones third eye chakra! To use it in your bath, pour some under running water. Let yourself relax as you breathe in its wonderful scent! Add other oils that are beneficial for psychic abilities, such as scented geranium or bergamot oil. You can even enjoy your favorite cup of tea before getting into your tub!

3) Uplift Depression
The light of a full moon is often considered to be an uplifting force. The darker, moodier feeling of a new moon can be hard on our spirits; but what if you could turn it into something positive? Take your bath when theres a full moon (and look for ways to spend time outside during that month) and see how it affects your general outlook. Do you find yourself happier, more optimistic or in better control of your emotions? You might want to try keeping track with an app like Moodnotes; by documenting your behavior over time, you may start to see that lunar cycles have power over how we feel even when we dont realize it.

4) Cleanse Negativity
Before taking a lunar magic soak, its important to clear away any negativity and replace it with positive energy. Start by creating a list of things you want to change in your life and commit them to paper (physical or virtual). Make sure each item is measurable. After writing down your goals, read through them aloud and make an intention for how you want to achieve each one. Repeat affirmations such as I am committed to [goal]. I will achieve [goal] on [date]. Say these affirmations throughout your day and add more on a regular basis. If youre having trouble getting rid of negative thoughts, draw up a relaxation bath instead! There are plenty of natural bath salts on Amazon that can help calm your mind.

Linda Green

Linda Green

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