Jasper And Onyx


Healing, protection, health, beauty

Jasper was used in ancient times by indigenous peoples in ceremonies to attract rain and was called the rain stone. It was also used in divination. It has been used since the earliest time to empower rituals and spells. The Pharaoh Nephecus wore a piece of jasper carved in the shape of a dragon surrounded by the Sun Gods rays to strength his GI Tract.

Jasper is a form of quartz. It is said to increase mental processes and prevents impulsive, harmful behavior, it is supposed to provide clear thought to temper these impulses. It isa very powerful protection stone. Indeed, it is held during childbirth to guard the mother and child and to relive pain. Japer arrowheads are worn for luck.

Jasper comes in many varieties:

Red Jasper: Engraved with soldiers and lions red jasper was worn to guard against poison. It is used n defensive magic. Healing spells and rituals also use red jasper. Women wear it to promote grace and beauty.

Green Jasper: It promotes sympathy in the wearer. Also used as a healing and health amulet, it also halts hallucinations and provided restful sleep.

Brown Jasper: A powerful grounding stone after performing powerful magic and ritual, it can also help with more mundane grounding.

Mottled Jasper: This is specifically used for protection vs. drowning.


Protection, defensive magic, reducing sexual desire

In ancient times it was believed that onyx was the physical, manifestation of the soul of a demon. At night the demon was said to awaken and spread terror to all on his reach. It was also known to case discord between lovers. In classical ceremonial magic Onyx was carved in the shape of Mars or Hercules for courage.

Onyx offers protection versus adversaries in conflict and protection from negativity directed at you such as in a hex or curse. It is known to reduce sexual impulses. It is even used to help versus sexual addiction. Wearing onyx in protective rituals channels that energy into the stone to create protective amulets.

Linda Green

Linda Green

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