It’s Time For Your Virgo Waning Crescent Into New Moon Ritual

It’s time for your Virgo waning crescent into a new moon ritual! These waning and waxing moon rituals are potent and can be used to manifest your desires, make positive changes in your life, or let go of things that you no longer need in your life. The cycle that we’re entering into now is the last of the year, where we’ll be dealing with endings and new beginnings, so it’s essential to prepare yourself for the next month.

About tonight’s moon phases

Rituals are not just great magickal toolsthey’re also valuable for all areas of life, including self-care. Tonight’s Virgo Moon is an opportunity not only to let go of what no longer serves you but also to manifest what you desire moving forward. Make sure you set aside about an hour for tonight’s ritual; it can be done solo or with a group, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need some extra support! To prepare, light some candles (Virgos love candles), put on some relaxing music (and I don’t mean Yanni; find something that makes you feel like taking a chill pill!), and start setting up your sacred space.

Ritual preparation

Ensure your space is safely set up for any smoke and fire you may use during your ritual. Collect the necessary ingredients. I share what I used for tonight below, but what you use will depend on letting go of, manifesting your intentions and personal preferences.

Take a moment to clear your space. Put on a song you find relaxing. Take a few minutes to meditate and clear your mind. This is an excellent time to practice mindful movement while visualizing what you plan to manifest for yourself this evening.

What I used for tonight’s ritual

Ritual is often a word that we need to reserve for occasions involving elaborate clothing, obscure symbolism, and other trappings of ceremonial magic. However, every moment is an opportunity to enact rituals in our lives.

Tonight I used:

  • Frankincense and Lavender
  • A purple candle
  • Carnelian, clear quartz, selenite and hematite
  • Pen and Paper

My ritual

I lit a lavender candle in my little cauldron. Then I burned a handful of incense, specifically frankincense and lavender, which is supposed to help us let go of what we no longer need and to welcome in what we do want in our lives. Next, I lit a purple candle that has been in my kitchen for five years now. After thanking all beings everywhere for everything they have given me, I asked them to please provide more prosperity and joy in my life.

I let go of: 

  • Greed
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Judgment
  • Procrastination
  • Guilt 
  • Distraction 
  • Selfishness 
  • Exhaustion

I manifested

  • Joy
  • Motivation
  • Love
  • Friendship 
  • Health 
  • Wealth 
  • Connections
  • Success

I asked the moon to lend its power to our world’s healing and return to me 10X what I give for the good of all.

I wrapped up with: 

“Virgin Moon you shine in solitude

Help me organize, make me feel renewed.”

Linda Green

Linda Green

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