How To Find Friends Like The Ones In Hocus Pocus

In some ways, it can be easier to find friends who share your interests as an adult than it was as a childbecause as an adult, youre not limited to your immediate circle of friends and close family. However, finding people who share your interests can be trickyespecially if they have nothing to do with the occult. But dont despair! Here are a few tips on how to find witchy friends in your local community. Just remember to practice safety first!

Ask Around at the Metaphysical Shop
If youre looking for people who share your interests, where better to find them than at a shop or event that specializes in those interests? Many shops and events like Wiccan festivals make it clear on their web pages and advertisements what theyre all about. If you go out of your way to chat with people there, then you may end up talking about more than just candles or crystals. You could even become involved with a coven. And dont worry: Wiccan gatherings arent as underground as they used to be. That means if you want an open and honest community, you can probably find one online or nearby.

Use Online Resources
The most obvious online resource is well…Coven Cloud, but while we’re busy building out matchmaking and geolocating features for witches, you can also check your local coven’s website for public gatherings. If you don’t have a high-speed internet connection or access to a computer at home, try asking at your local library for an hour of web time. Community centers, churches, and even little leagues may offer space for meeting people. Many cities are also organized by neighborhood. Chances are there’s some kind of organization close by that will let you sign up as a member — again mostly online these days — so that if anyone posts an event or notice looking for guests or members, it’ll show up on your own personal page.

Join Witchcraft Meetups
Before you start a coven, check out local witch-specific meetups. If you can’t find any, make your own. While you don’t have to actually join a coven, there are several benefits from attending group gatherings with witches. First and foremost, these groups usually take place on a monthly basiswhich is perfect for starting up a long-term friendship. In addition, many of these meetups have other members who identify as solitary practitionerswhich means they’re not part of a coven but still identify as being part of the witchcraft community. When looking for local meetups, be sure to check reviews and scope out the social profiles of those you might meet with. While witchcraft can be fun and safe, there are predators out there. Be vigilant!

Initiate Contact
Lets face it: The prospect of cold-calling someone you dont know and asking if they want to be your friend can be terrifying. If you want a local witching group that will welcome you with open arms, then theres only one way to go about it: initiate contact. Pick up your phone and call! With a warm and friendly voice, just ask them how they found their coven or circle and go from there.

Linda Green

Linda Green

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