How To Connect And Communicate With Deities

Whether youre new to the craft or have been around for a while, it can be difficult sometimes to communicate with our chosen deities. There are a few different ways in which to communicate with deities, and in this blog, well list a couple of them, and then at the end, walk you through a step-by-step process.

But first, lets just have a little discussion about why communicating with your deities is important. Connecting with your chosen deity or deities is one of those feelings thats incredibly difficult to describe. Its almost blissful. It makes you feel empowered and loved wholly and unconditionally. And, of course, having a bond with your deity or patron God or Goddess helps to strengthen your craft. When you call upon them to join you in your rituals and spellwork, your craft is that much more powerful.

That bond with your patron deity is so much more than just what you can get out of them for your craft though. Ive had a personal connection with Isis, my Patron Goddess, for decades now. And to me, shes so much more than just a connection to my beliefs through which I can channel my magick. Shes the one I talk to when Im excited about something new thats going on in my life. Shes the shoulder I cry on when Im having a rough time. Shes my confidant and my friend.

Because our connection is so strong, when we practice together, that bond is tangible in my craft. Thats why its important to make a connection with your deity. 

To Communicate With Your Deity You Must First Speak

Though the word prayer is most often associated with the Abrahamic religions, its also something we Pagans can use to speak with our deities. In fact, one of the oldest civilizations that archeologists have uncovered proof of prayer to their deities is the Ancient Mesopotamians.

They would visit temples and offer sacrifices to their deities, and would leave behind small statues who were crafted in positions of worship, with their hands clasped together in front of them. These statues were thought to pray continually to the deities on behalf of the individual who left them at the temple.

So dont let the word put you off the deed. Prayer is an excellent way to communicate with your deities. And you can pray to them in any way that you are most comfortable with. Whether thats out loud while walking through your house, or quietly in your head while sitting in meditation, it doesnt matter. 

If Prayer Is Speaking To Your Deities, Meditation Is Listening

Yes, it sounds cheesy, but its true. When you pray to your deities, youre speaking to them. If you want them to speak back to you, you need to listen hard during quiet meditation. 

To make yourself receptive to hearing your deities during meditation, first, invoke them through prayer. And then take an attitude of receptivity. Be open to allowing them to communicate with you.

It will likely take some practice before youll be able to discern the signs that your deity is speaking to you, but with time, you will be able to see the signs and hear their voices.

And always keep in mind that these signs can come in many forms. It could take the form of thoughts in your head that are not your own, or a voice that sounds like its coming from another room. It could be a vision, a dream, a visualization, or something incomprehensible you experience with your physical eyes on rare occasions. It could be an omen or a foreshadowing something in Nature that isn’t just normal animal or plant behavior.

In whatever way your deities choose to communicate with you, the important thing is to be receptive to that communication.

Five Simple Steps To Communicating With Your Deities

Step One: Choose your deity.

If you dont already have one, you can decide who it is you want to work with here. Maybe you feel a connection to a particular deity. Maybe the name of a God or Goddess gets stuck in your mind and you dont know why. 

If you dont know yet which deity you feel called to, thats okay. You can simply use generic terms like Lord or Lady to address them for the time being. I promise, they wont be offended.

Step Two: Find a calm, quiet place.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for 20 to 30 minutes. You’ll need a quiet place because the messages can be difficult to hear at times.

Try to find or decorate an area that has some things that correspond to your deity, if you possibly can. This can be anything from statuary of themselves or animals theyre lined to, to fruits, plants, or even colors theyre associated with.

You’re ready to start hearing your God or Goddesss messages once you’ve decided on which deity you want to connect with. They’ve likely already begun to communicate with you at this stage. 

Step Three: Get comfortable and cast your circle.

The next step is to find a comfortable position. A comfy chair or fluffy pillow on the floor on which to sit will work just fine. Sit however you are most comfortable and able to stay in that position for 20 to 30 minutes. 

Next, cast your circle around you. This will be your protection, but will also serve as a sacred space and beacon through which your deity will come.

Step Four: Call out to your deity and connect with them.

Close your eyes and concentrate on the backs of your eyelids or the darkness. Now, call out to your God or Goddess. You’ve connected with them when you see or hear something seemingly random. When you think you’ve discovered them, be sure to remember to acknowledge and respect their presence. Thank them for coming to you. Remember, nothing happens by chance.

  • In your head, call out to them, and then start talking to them out loud.
  • Tell your deity that you wish to connect with them.
  • Let them know of your intentions.
  • Tell them about your desires and goals for the craft, and how you’d like to grow within it and with them.
  • Speak from your heart. Tell them what your heart wants.

Practice every day until you can clearly hear your deity speaking to you or until you see or hear related visions or even simple shapes in your mind’s eye.

Your God or Goddess may even appear to be calling to you from a distant room in your home, as mentioned earlier, at first. Practice until you can clearly see or hear them. If their voice sounds like its coming from inside your own head, thats okay too!

Step Five: Ask them to show themselves.

As soon as you can clearly hear or understand your deity, the time has come to ask them to show themselves to you. Don’t worry if it seems this step is taking the longest to achieve. That’s very normal, so don’t give up! They will appear to you when the time is right.

When you ultimately connect with your deity, there will be no doubt in your mind whether or not you have. So, until they connect with you, keep trying. Once you’ve done so, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

You’ll need to nurture and foster this relationship with your deity now that you’ve developed a connection with them. Always be respectful of them and their work. Don’t make demands or throw fits when you don’t get your way. If you have questions you want to ask them, feel free to do so!

Every few months, it’s good practice to leave them an offering. A small amount of food and drink does the job. It doesn’t have to be an expensive offering either. Just make sure it’s something you think your deity would like. Fruit they’re associated with, for example, or some sort of seasonal drink.

This connection you’ve now made with your deity is an incredibly special gift. So please, treat it as such.

What To Do If Your Deity Doesnt Respond

Honestly, this happens more often than youd think, so please dont get upset or feel let down. One of the main reasons this happens is because you may just be trying to communicate with the wrong deity

Oftentimes, when were a baby witch or have just recently turned to the craft, our first exposure to a deity is through the stories we hear from other practitioners. So naturally, when we start practicing and attempting to communicate with deities, well automatically gravitate towards those whose names we know and have heard before through the shared experiences of others. But those deities might just not be right for you. Either theyre not open to working with you, or its just simply that that particular deity isnt the one for you. And thats okay! All is not lost, I promise. 

In due time, if youre meant to work with a deity, that deity will find a way to show itself to you. You just need to keep your mind and heart open for their signs. 

And more than that, not every practitioner has to or even wants to work with deities, which is absolutely okay as well. You need to find the craft that works best for you. Maybe thats working with a particular deity, or more than one, or none at all. Maybe youre meant to work with elementals, or guides, or Watchtowers, or one of the myriads of other spirits that abound in this world. Youll find your path. I promise.

Written by Joanna Jaguar

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