How Do I Know If I’m A Witch

How do I know if I’m a witch? Can you make me a witch? If I’m not in a coven or tradition am I a “real” witch? How do you become a witch?

These are the questions that experienced witches are asked by many new to the craft. The answers to these questions will vary based on who you ask. A great many web sites will offer to teach you how to be a witch. Some of these are very valuable as they can teach a great deal regarding herbcraft and horticulture, crystal knowledge, oracle methods(tarot cards, tea leaves, etc.) and other knowledge to incorporate into your experience.

Anyone can be a witch. It does not require any special words or actions. It merely requires an open heart and mind to embrace the magic in the world around us. Some traditions require a year and a day of study, others have no such requirements such as Wicca. No one is allowed to tell you that your practice is invalid, still others have strict conditons, hierarchy and lineage. None of these are invalid, simply different ways to explore our connection to the universe around us and manifest our desires into reality.

There are things that many witches have in common but a desire to learn, a belief in yourself, and having an open mind are the most important parts. Let’s go over some traits shared by many who are called to the craft. This is by no means an exhaustive list. And everyone experiences the craft in their own personal way.

Many witches find they are attuned with nature. They are most content outside whether on a hike into the depths of the forest, working on a garden or even bike riding or kayaking. Storms do not frighten but rather enagage the witch within you.Ooften witches feel charged or more attuned after large storms. Powerful moon water can be made from water collected during a hurricane. Conversely, witches are often drawn to places of peace in nature such as an open field, a quiet forest or a babbling brook.

Another trait related to the first is an affinity for animals. Many witches have hosuehold pets or, in more rural aeaas, even livestock(nothing compares to a baby goat.) Often witch’s familars(spirits to help and protect a witch) appear in the shape of animals. This is where black cats got their “bad name.” Also spirit guides often appear as animals. Most Native(indigenous peoples of the American continets) practitioners have an animal spirit guide.

It is common for witches to have a naturally strong sense of intuition. They can anticipate events and seem to have “read the future” as they are often prepared for many eventualities. Sometimes the smallest hint can make a big difference. This intuition can someitmes extend to empathy with an actual ability to feel the emotions of others. This can be a very useful tool but many consider it a burden trying to tune out the emotions of others. Some come to the craft as a way to learn to control and use this ability. Most will advise you to follow that intuition and the more you do you will learn to trust this sense.

Witches can often sense energy. Sometimes it is suconcious and others it is quite a concious choice. Walking into a room where a heated argument just occured or is occuring can feel uncomfortable or even nauseating. They can feel the energy of the sun and moon not just see their light. They feel the power in rivers. lakes and the ocean. They can sense the quiet, abiding waitful energy of the plants and trees around them.

One final commonality is that witches are often outcasts or misfits. Often introverted by nature or by choice, witches generally have a small circle of friends, though they may develop deeper realtionsahips and trust in those they do choose to associate with. Also sometimes it is hard to find understanding from those who do not feel the sames forces at work that witches do.

In conclusion, if you have some or none of these traits it does not matter as far as determining if you are a witch. We all have the ability to access magic. At its core maigic is about intention. We may use various tools or want variouss settings but the truth is we put our intent into the universe and beleive we can manifest the change we require. In the end, much like many other spiritualitis it comes down to faith.

Linda Green

Linda Green

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