Find Your Witchy Soulmate And Seek Out Local Witches In Your Area

Find Your Witchy Soulmate

Have you ever wondered if there were other witches like you out there? If the answer to that question is yes, then Coven Cloud may be exactly what youre looking for! With more than 10,000 users and over 150,000 posts (including 2,600 events), Coven Cloud connects witches from all over the world who are eager to learn more about witchcraft.

What is Coven Cloud?
Coven Cloud is a social network for witches. Our mission is to give witches from all over a place to connect, learn, and grow with each other. Our goal is to create a place where all witches can find others that share their unique passions, no matter how unique or niche those interests may be. All information on Coven Cloud is private, secure, and only visible to members of your local witch community.

What Are Local Groups?
Have you ever wanted to attend a local witch coven but didnt know where to look? Are you unable to travel out of state or country for a gathering but want that Wiccan experience? Here at Coven Cloud, we have your answer! Simply join one of our many groups by searching your region, finding witches from all over your area, and talking with them about setting up a meeting. It couldnt be easier.

How Can I Join?
Coven Clouds mission is to connect, learn and grow with witches around you, regardless of your background or coven affiliation. Connecting with witches around you not only helps you meet new friends, but also provides support during times of needwhether thats a relationship issue or concern about local witchcraft politics. Creating an account is free for all witches, regardless of their background. Join today!

Why do Local Groups Matter?
If youre seeking to make a local witch community, join a local group. In addition to connecting with other witches from your area, youll also benefit from connecting with experienced witches who can help you if you have any questions about how things work. This post will give a brief overview of what it takes to form a new coven or practice that meets locallyand should serve as a guide if youre trying to connect with other witches near you.

Linda Green

Linda Green

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