Eriu | Coven Cloud
History, Pantheons

Get to Know the Celtic Goddess Eriu: Daughter of Delbáeth and Ernmas

The Celtic goddess Eriu was known to be the eponymous matron goddess of Ireland, though she was also associated with the Isle of Man, which was known

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Camarillo State Hospital-The Scary Dairy
History, Paranormal

Camarillo State Hospital & The Scary Dairy

My friends often spoke about their unexplainable experiences on campus, but that was several years after my own paranormal experience just down the

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Numerology | Coven Cloud

Numerology: The Mystical Art of Interpreting Numbers

People who practice numerology use their unique understanding of numbers to assess personality traits, abilities, and compatibility with other

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what is metaphysical business
Business, Spirituality

What is Metaphysical Business?

Feeling stuck and blaming others for my failures is not a place I’ll ever be again, and it’s certainly not a place you should occupy either. I

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Abortions Herbs Witches and Midwives
Current Events, History

Abortions, Herbs, Witches, and Midwives

What were the ancient practices, and what did they mean for women who used them so long ago? Furthermore, what happened to that knowledge, and why do

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Occult on Film - The Skeleton Key | Coven Cloud

Occult on Film: The Skeleton Key

When The Skeleton Key was suggested to me, I watched it because it was listed as a Thriller. What could be so bad? I loved Louisiana Voodoo/Hoodoo

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