Common Crystals Part 1

Common Crystals

Amethyst Stone of Divination

            Properties: dreams, psychic ability, overcoming addiction, healing, courage, protective against thieves, love

            A type of purple quartz, Amethyst is known as a very spiritual stone. It is recommended for peaceful, healing sleep, soothing the nerves to bring peace to the user and insight versus addition and overindulgence. It is often worn for jewelry, and this goes all the way back to adornments that were created by Ancient Greeks and Romans. These were used as protection amulets.  Often used in divination as well as enhancing other psychic gifts. It can also be helpful in lawsuits being adjudicated fairly.  Also, a less famous stone for prosperity than citrine, its dark purple color was said to represent royalty.

Lapis Lazuli Stone of Divinity

            Properties: healing, joy, love, fidelity, honor, honesty, royalty, courage

            Lapis lazuli has a great many varied uses. In ancient times it was believed to hold the power of the gods. Also used in jewelry and worn charms, it was said to be especially protective of children. It was also said to be a stone of healing to alleviate fevers, blood diseases and help eyesight. Lapis lazuli is recommended for freeing the unconscious mind to receive intuition or even prophetic visions.  One of the most endearing qualities of this crystal is that it inspires fidelity and is said to attract spiritual love. Also used for meditative focus..

Tigers Eye Stone of Luck

            Properties: money, protection, courage, energy, luck, divination

            Tigers eye is well known for its luck property. Though it is indeed a lucky stone, it is also a prosperity crystal.  The stone was carried for protection by Roman warriors who would carry them into battle engraved with protective symbols. Indeed, they were said to imbue the wearer with courage and confidence and help one to stand their ground and strengthen their conviction. It is also a stone used in past life regression as a focus. Tigers eye is a good stone for sick or weak people. It is known to promote energy flow.

A cautionary note: Crystals are gifts of mother earth. And while their powers and properties are very strong a wise witch tries mundane methods first.  NO crystal is a substitute for actual medical treatment.  If you are struggling with addiction, sincerely, please get medical help before assuming an amethyst necklace will cure this.  It may help against temptation, but addiction is a very real and serious disease

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Linda Green

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