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Witchcraft’s Roots In Midwifery

In a time of very little power for women, female healers used their natural resources to heal and control the body and played an integral role in women’s health. When men wanted to dominate in the field of medicine, these once helpful and healing women were branded as evil and destructive witches.

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Types Of Witchcraft? Magick In A Nutshell

There are, however, many different types of Witches and different ways in which Witches practice their craft. But that whole thing about there being white magick and black magick is not actually true.

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What Is A Green Witch?

Is your home a veritable jungle, awash with beautiful plants, flowers, and greenery? Do you feel more at home outside in nature than you do

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Top 12 Witches in Pop Culture

For years, popular culture has represented witches in such a negative light that they’ve become one of the most vilified groups of people throughout history.

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Digital Altar Options

Altars are regarded as a key part of witchcraft. We use them as focal points for deity or ancestor worship, elemental connections, even connections to

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