When The Veil is Thin

The Veil is Thin at this time of year. I’ve heard people say this for most of my life. During this time of year, tons of social media posts will be around to remind us.

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what is metaphysical business

What is Metaphysical Business?

Feeling stuck and blaming others for my failures is not a place I’ll ever be again, and it’s certainly not a place you should occupy either. I developed #MetaBusiness to help leaders heal from organizational dis-ease and thrive in the face of the inevitable challenges that arise in day-to-day work-life existence.

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What Is A Green Witch?

Is your home a veritable jungle, awash with beautiful plants, flowers, and greenery? Do you feel more at home outside in nature than you do

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Smoke Cleansing

By Justine Lieberman When most people walk into my home, I watch them drop their shoulders, inhale, and smile. It’s like they just walked into

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