Top Movies for Samhain | Coven Cloud

Top 11 Must-Watch Samhain Movies for Witches

Are you ready for Samhain, the most important holiday of the year for witches? If you are preparing to get in touch with your inner witch, then I’ve got some movies that I think would be perfect for your Halloween or Samhain movie night!

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Witchcraft's Roots in Midwifery | Coven Cloud

Witchcraft’s Roots In Midwifery

In a time of very little power for women, female healers used their natural resources to heal and control the body and played an integral role in women’s health. When men wanted to dominate in the field of medicine, these once helpful and healing women were branded as evil and destructive witches.

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Planets All In One Sky

3 Powerful Planets All In One Sky

If youre having trouble finding the time to step outside and gaze up at the stars, heres some great news: three of the most powerful planets in our solar system are currently visible in the night sky and they make for an incredible sight if you know where to look!

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