A Quick Ritual For Tonight’s Waning Moon

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The Waning Moons Energy allows us to banish that which we wish to be rid of from our life. To leverage this power do this simple ritual and release any negativity from your life. You can cast this spell under a Waning Gibbous, Crescent or Last Quarter Moon because these three lunar phases share one common thread: Removal.

I prefer performing moon rituals after the sunsets under the full power of the moon.


  • Pen and paper
  • A white tealight candle
  1. Write down what is currently bothering you or what you want to release from your life. This could be a bad habit, symptom, person, situation, or simply an emotion.
  2. Light your white candle in a safe place and read aloud what you have written. Remember that your words have power, and connect yourself to what you are saying. Visualize removing the negativity from your life.
  3. Place the paper next to the candle. Meditate and visualize until the candle has extinguished, then break the paper into pieces and toss it in the trash with the remains of your candle.

If you are new to meditation, check out the Calm app on your phone!

Alternatively, you can light a fire in a safe fire pit, and place your written note of negativity you wish to release into the flames, then visualize all your burdens releasing into the fire.

Blessed be!

Linda Green

Linda Green

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