7 Properties Of Black Obsidian: This Stone Will Do Wonders For Your Health

Properties Of Black Obsidian

Obsidian is volcanic glass that forms naturally. It comes from the rapid cooling of felsic lava. Obsidian is naturally black in color and has a glassy texture and a vitreous luster. There are several shades of Obsidian including rainbow, snowflake, gold, and mahogany. Obsidian is hard and brittle and was commonly used for tools. The meaning of Obsidian is safety and grounding. 

7 Properties of Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a stone of energy. It is anti-inflammatory and promotes blood flow. Black obsidian promotes thyroid, liver, brain and heart health. Black obsidian is a natural pain reliever. It promotes the elimination of waste and blood. Black obsidian is good for your joints and makes them flexible.  Black obsidian will fight free radical damage. It also neutralizes your DNA and aids in detoxifying your system. It is a strong anti-aging tool. It promotes your circulation and benefits the lymphatic system. Black obsidian can be beneficial for health, weight loss, and joint health.  Black obsidian contains amazing healing properties. Here are 7 healing properties of black obsidian.  Black Obsidian for Pain Relief  Black obsidian is good for pain.

Healing from a Broken Heart

Obsidian is an excellent stone to help a broken heart heal because of its ability to promote a sense of grounding. Obsidian absorbs and releases negative energy that can block a persons health. It helps a person find inner peace and balance. Obsidians reputation for healing comes from its grounding effect. Its known as the stone of strength and endurance. When broken, obsidian can be cracked to create healing patches that help to soothe or neutralize stress.  Healing from Migraines  Healing from Migraine is no easy feat. Even the slightest headache can stress out someone whos sick, injured, or recovering from surgery. Avoiding stimuli is often the best way to treat the condition. However, keeping stress at bay isnt always easy.

Physical Pain

Particular vibration will awaken and relieve excessive muscle tension, and as a bonus will transmit energy evenly around the body, as though it had warmed it to normal temperature.  Addition to the Human Body  The specific vibrations from a few Obsidian crystals can actually affect a persons mind and body. Most people can absorb the vibrations energy and feel a certain level of well-being.  Energy Healing  Obsidian energy is highly pure and positive.  Addition to the Human Body  Obsidian has very special energetic properties that provide protection and promote energy to flow and move. People with Obsidian in their aura have a natural energy that can be a perfect antidote for a host of diseases. Obsidian can also be used as an enhancer for high-level healing.

Mental Peace and Stability

Black Obsidian is said to be excellent at keeping and maintaining mental calmness. Studies have shown that Obsidian actually lowers blood pressure, which can help calm agitated nerves. It lowers anxiety and depression, and helps relieve physical ailments such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and arthritis. Also, it helps minimize cancer symptoms. Black Obsidian is also said to assist in overcoming drug and alcohol addictions.  Improves Memory and Learning  It has been known to promote improved memory and learning skills. Studies have also shown that the minerals in Black Obsidian are excellent at reducing stress and tension.  Helps with Sleeplessness and Restless Leg Syndrome  Black Obsidian is known to help with restlessness and restless leg syndrome.

Third Eye Awakening

Adagio Fire Obsidian The Fire Obsidian is an ancient stone used for protection and meditation. The highest quality of Obsidian has a fire opal blue stone.  Chaplain Meditation Tool See below.  Infernal Healing Stone The Jeweled Demon Eye Obsidian is meant for spiritual protection. It helps to calm the mind and dispel negative energy.  Stoic Stone, Priest and Priestess Healing Stone The Sacred Obsidian necklace is based off the ancient Longinus obsidian stick that holds healing power. It is crafted to the highest quality possible with individual pieces marked with the Trinity Sacred Cross symbol and inspired by the healing powers of healing stones.  Moon and Sun Obsidian (by Hellion) Adagios Moon and Sun Obsidian are raw Obsidian and they can be found all over the world.

Psychic Ability

More Info:  8 The Golden Ingot: Well Spent Is Money Well Spent  In 1889, the Caruso brothers excavated a hoard of gold at Monte Lario, Italy, near Rome. This find was subsequently discovered to have been a sack of freshly mined gold totaling roughly 300 lbs., the largest hoard of gold ever unearthed. The gold in this sack has been estimated to be worth nearly a billion dollars today.  Psychic Ability  More Info:  9 Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend: Diamonds were discovered in Indias Diamond Mines in 1699. The area was part of the Sri Ganganagar region. The largest diamond ever found was the Cullinan Diamond, which is 813.27 carats. It was cut from a 2,106.75 carat diamond discovered in 1905 in South Africa. Today, the diamonds can cost from $400,000 to over $1.7 million.


Nurturing love and compassion in the heart  Symbolism  It is said to inspire confidence and spiritual awakening.  Jewelry  You can either buy them online or use Swarovski’s Obsidian Accent Pearl Earrings in 18k White Gold.  Black for Justice  Jewelry or Action: It is also seen as the opposite of light and can symbolize unhappiness and things that are usually unseen. Black obsidian has a particular black tone and can be combined with white, silver or gold to create the color and shine that is described as darkness.  Permanent Makeup: Obsidian also has the ability to heal scars and marks and can help in making your own permanent makeup.  Extra Body Parts: Obsidian has healing properties to improve the appearance of extra limbs.


Clairvoyance is a natural gift, which enables the human mind to see future events. According to many reports, Clairvoyance often comes with a paranormal power which helps a person to locate and identify missing items or people. Clairvoyance also helps a person to recover items that are lost. Clairvoyance is not just seen in the eyes; some people experience it even while sleeping.  Astrology  Astrology is another gift from the Higher Realms. An ancient, yet mysterious realm, astrology is a prediction technique. According to the National Geographic, astrology is the oldest known collection of mathematical equations used to plot the positions of celestial objects in the universe. At the current time, astrology is still used in many cultures for divination.

Anger Management

It is a very special stone and heals others for anger. People who are stressed or over emotional are more likely to get sick. Black obsidian can work in helping to create balance in the body. It brings about compassion in those who have a bleeding heart. It helps neutralize toxins that are causing imbalance in the body. Obsidian acts as a natural balm and anesthetic to the feelings of others. It also acts as a salt to promote liver and kidney function. Obsidian clears toxins in the blood and the kidneys and even promotes brain function. Black obsidian acts as a natural antiseptic, and helps to protect against infection. It is said that black obsidian cures rashes.

Protection from Negativity

Totally in the mind  Self-elevating  Devastating  Relieving  Rebuffing and Killing Anger  Reducing pain and blood loss  Swift delivery of information  Preserving life  An impulse generator  Regulating blood pressure  Hydroelectricity  Permanently and eternally healing cuts and bruises  Dissolving the pathogens that cause tuberculosis  Inhibiting the growth of bacteria and viruses  Natural Cold Remedy  A non-addictive pain reliever  A powerful anti-inflammatory and astringent  Reducing itching and scratching itch  Stimulating the circulation of blood and lymph  Superior anti-diabetic properties  Black Obsidian’s strong, elastic hardness, soft feel and its affinity to promote healing makes it a great addition to the medicine cabinet.

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