The Upcoming Full Moon In Aries (October 20) Meaning And Ritual

If you are a witch or are interested in becoming one, the energies of the full moon in Aries may be especially relevant to you. This sign is ruled by Mars, who is god of war and action. This moon phase can provide inspiration to take risks and get things done. Its also a great time to jumpstart new projects, which means its important for witches to keep an eye out for these opportunities. If youre looking for your next big idea or just want to tap into this potent energy, here are three ways you can do so with a simple ritual.

The Meaning of the Full Moon in Aries

Because Mars is the fire of Aries, the power of the moon in this sign is powerful enough to make us incredibly passionate. It can inspire us to work more intensely, push ourselves, take action, and shake up our daily lives.  The symbols associated with this sign are usually representative of Mars as well. Aries is represented by the symbol of a ram, which actually has quite a few meanings. For example, the ram is a male animal that symbolizes physical strength, mental power, endurance, and the ability to assert your individuality. On the flip side, the ram is also a symbol of humility and respect. As a whole, the ram symbol represents the aggressive instincts of Mars, but at the same time, it can be used as a symbol of peace and stability.

Ways to Use this Energy

Take Action  A quick ritual at the start of the week can set the tone for your week and help get things going. Using the power of Aries energy, conjure the Venus Goddess to help you spark your own projects, to plan events, or to just help you see what is possible. In doing so, you are not only harnessing the power of this planet but also influencing it and helping it grow in all of its beauty.  Give Thanks  During the course of the week, make sure to take some time to enjoy your progress. Spend a few minutes each night thinking about what you are grateful for. Spending time writing down your thoughts is an excellent way to connect with the Goddess and feel gratitude for all of the gifts that you have been given in life.

Tips for Witches to Improve Rituals

Get to work. Begin the ritual by asking yourself what needs to change in your life. Describe what you wish to feel, accomplish, and improve. After that, dedicate a full moon cycle to starting to make these changes.  Intention. Whether you focus on a specific goal or a broad approach, think about what you wish to achieve. Think about it over and over until it begins to crystallize and manifest. Say it out loud, or ask a trusted friend or mentor to say it with you. Give it the energy you need.  Magic. Listen to the energy around you, feel it, and dive in. Begin by telling yourself and your energy what you intend to achieve, and ask it to manifest. Get in touch with the ritual tools youll need, get into the space, and bring the emotions to the surface.


As you can see, there are a lot of ways to use the lunar energy this month. For some of us, these new energies will cause us to get more introspective and even experience more personal growth. But there is always a balance between the personal and the collective, and taking time to recognize our place in the cosmos is just one way to acknowledge and take responsibility for our actions. Take time to honor your history, and honor the earth and all beings you touch. At the end of the day, being a witch is about spirituality and feeling a part of something bigger than yourself. Being able to feel that connection can be a great tool to bring us back to our center when were facing some of lifes biggest challenges.

Linda Green

Linda Green

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