11 Crystals For Grounding

Youve probably heard the phrase “grounded” used to describe someone who seems to be in touch with reality and their inner self; they arent flailing about, struggling to maintain stability and calmness, and instead seem like they know exactly what they want and how to get it. Grounding crystals can help you improve your focus and concentration and bring you into the present moment. Below are 11 grounding crystals that will help you achieve this balanced state of being.

1) Selenite

Selenite is an amazing crystal to work with when trying to calm anxiety and bring positive energy into your life. It will often help you get in touch with your emotions more readily, but it can also help you find peace in situations that are chaotic or confusing. Selenite is a great grounding stone that helps neutralize negative energies, making it great to cleanse ones aura on a regular basis!

2) Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is known as a crystal of clarity and can help cut through the confusion. It stimulates intuition and links to higher levels of consciousness. Its also said to be great for breaking bad habits. Think of it as both an emotional rock that can help you get in touch with your feelings, but also one that helps you think more clearly when youre on top of things.

3) Black Tourmaline

The energies of black tourmaline are incredibly grounding and protective. They can protect you from negative energy, especially when you feel anxiety or grief coming on. On a physical level, they stimulate cell growth and strengthen your immune system. For more information about grounding with black tourmaline crystals, see our previous post: 10 Benefits of Black Tourmaline.

4) Boji Stone

The Boji Stone is a powerful grounding crystal that helps to eliminate excess energy from your body and quickly return you to a state of balance. Because of its intense healing powers, its ideal for treating headaches, joint pain, and other aches and pains. It also wards off negativityfrom yourself or othersso you can maintain a positive outlook even when faced with stress.

5) Fire Agate

Fire Agate is often used as a grounding crystal, helping to ease fears and phobias. It also helps fight negative thoughts by reducing stress and tension. This calming stone is great to have on hand if youre prone to panic attacks or anxiety. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, Fire Agate can help increase your energy levels during daytime hours so that you have enough pep in your step to relax before bedtime.

6) Red Jasper

This stone is excellent when it comes to grounding. Red Jasper has a tendency to absorb any type of negativity in its surrounding environment, so if you feel ungrounded, all you have to do is carry around a piece of red jasper. It will remove all negative energy in your life and keep you grounded at all times. This crystal can be used in ceremonies, rituals, or even when hanging over your bed.

7) Black Diopside

Black Diopside was found on a meteorite and can be used to transform negative emotions into positive ones. Diopside is a grounding stone that creates a powerful connection between Earth and Humanity, so it makes sense that its purpose in regards to grounding is of an emotional nature. This crystal clears destructive emotions such as anger, resentment, jealousy, and fear of failure. Black Diopside also enhances ones natural abilities by helping you get in touch with your instincts.

8) Mahogany Obsidian

If you feel ungrounded and frequently anxious, try Mahogany Obsidian. This stone is a powerful protector and can help ease anxiety and worry. It also keeps negative energies from absorbing into your aura. A piece of mahogany obsidian is best placed near or on your bedside table or under your pillow to work its grounding magic overnight as you sleep. Be sure to place it on a smooth surface so that it doesnt roll away!

9) Moss Agate

This grounding stone is known as a stone of protection and is made up of soft, yellow-green moss, which covers most of its surface. This crystal encourages feelings of safety and security, soothes frayed nerves, and relieves stress. Its also helpful in coping with difficult situations or changes in life.

10) Shungite

Shungite helps to protect you from outside influences. It also clears away energy blockages in your body, allowing more energy to flow freely. Shungite is good at clearing electromagnetic smog created by electrical devices, including televisions and microwaves. Black Tourmaline: Black tourmaline can actually block out negative vibrations that dont belong to you, making it a powerful crystal against psychic vampires.

11) Torquoise

Torquoise was once known as Turquoise, which comes from a Persian word meaning Turkish Stone. Native Americans have called Torquoise the American Stone of Heaven since around 1500 B.C. The stones are used in jewelry and to aid meditation, psychic powers, good fortune, love, fidelity, safe travel on water and stability.

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